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Our fur-babies were spending the afternoon lounging around when they felt the need to be amorous. Their special cuddle will result in a litter of  adorable puppies.  We decided to start this website in an effort to find our babies' babies great furever-homes. We had always intended for our dogs to have  puppies,and after extensice research and careful thought decided to allow them to breed.

Founded in 2014, Constellation Canines owes its namesake to the proud fur-parents, Cassie (whose full name is Cassiopeia,) and Sirius. These names are celestial in origin and our aptly named pups are the stars of Constellation Canines! Click the Our Pack link to learn more about our loves and their Stellar names.
Cassie (Mom) and Sirius (Dad) are both American Kennel Club registered Labrador Retrievers. We've been one giant pack ever since Sirius came to live with us in 2012. Our dogs spend their days as loyal family companions, and hunting buddies.
Sirius as a puppy
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Welcome to Constellation Canines!

Sirius as a puppy. He's around five weeks old in this photo.

Cassie at five weeks old

Can't wait to take home your new best friend?


Hold on a second! Good Pups come to those who wait!

  •  Do some research to make sure the Lab is the best breed for you. You can start by click on the "Labrador Breed Standard" button below.


  •  Lab puppies aren't ready to be away from their Mom until they are around eight weeks old. This gives them time to grow, develop, eat solid food, become indpendent, and build an immune system.


Until then future Constellation Canine owners will be kept up-to-date with weekly photos and videos, access to our Constellation Cam, and e-mail. Owners and prospective owners can contact us via e-mail and telephone. Our contact information can be found by clicking the "Contact Us" button under the OUR PACK Link, and at the bottom of each page.






Constellation Puppies Are Currently Avaliable!

We have a wish that each of our stellar Constellation Canines' pups finds the perfect home. We actively work to make that wish come true by providing them with the best possible start. All of our puppies will come home with:


  • First puppy vaccinations, which include: canine distemper, infectious hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus infection. We also deworm your puppy.

  • A microchip and registration in a national database.

  • A Constellation Puppy Guide. This guide contains feeding, grooming, exercise, training, emergency, and socialization tips. Also inside you'll find the pedigree of your puppy, medical records, and Lab hints and tricks.

  • One bag of Iams Large Breed Puppy Food.

  • A puppy harness and leash. We'll also provide a personalized name tag if you tell us your puppy's name.

  • Your puppy's toy of choice.

  • Cloth with litter scent.

  • A health guarantee.

  • American Kennel Club Registration.

  • A clearly written bill of sale for your puppy.

  • And our promise to always take a Constellation Canine Puppy back into our home for any reason.


Speak! (to us.)

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Fort Worth, Texas





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