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Our Pack

Our Story

Constellation Canines is operated and owned by Mo and Mandi. The two met and knew right away they were a good match. The couple soon settled down and married, but something--or maybe someone--was missing.


Mo had never had dog. Mandi grew up in the country, and couldn't remember a time when some furry friends weren't hanging around or helping out. After years of conversation Mo finally agreed. Mandi plunged into doing some major research. Eventually, they decided a Labrador would be a perfect fit for them- a friendly fetching snuggler for Mandi, and serious hunting companion for Mo. They placed a deposit on yet-to-be-born pup with a hunting lineage of over 40 titled dogs leading all the way back to Dual Ch. Banchory Bolo and beyond.



















But the two just couldn't wait! Between water-fowl, sheer excitement, and Mandi's new hobby of researching AKC registered litters and breeders another dog was about to show up.


Cassie came home two months later. A cute yellow Lab, Cassie and Mandi bonded immediately. Mandi would sit on the floor and sing songs, and "speak puppy." Mo remained a skeptic, but respected Cassie's hunting linage (which includes AM. CAN. MEX '78 WORLD & INT. CH. Franklin's Golden Mandigo,) and fetching skills. On a short walk around the neighborhood Mo fell in love with his "little furry ball of happy." The two have been secretly exchanging hand shakes for Pup-Peroni ever since.


Sirius came home six weeks later and took to Cassie right away. He also took to sitting on our feet. Sirius has proven to be a faithful friend, excellent retriever, and oddly enough a pointer.


The pack (humans included) can often be found playing fetch, convincing Cassie to get out of the backyard pool, and warming their feet under Sirius.



Mandi and Mo with their dolphin friend, Ken, on vacation.



Cassie was born on 2nd January 2012. She was a small yellow fluff ball that we followed almost endlessly on her breeder's website. Week after week a new photo showed us how she grew.  After a month of "puppy stalking" almost all of Cassie's littermates had found homes, or had been accepted as service dogs. The small fluff ball was still available.


It was fate, or maybe it was written in the stars! Mandi and her Dad (Rob) loaded up the car and drove to Oklahoma to fetch Cassie. 












Cassie came home and went to our vet  the for a health check. Her health was excellent and the vet even said she was, "one of the best looking Labs he'd seen in a good while."  After finishing all her booster shots Cassie was enrolled in PetsMart's Puppy Class. She learned to sit, stay, place, drop-it,  and to walk on a leash.



Cassie has laid-back personality. She enjoys napping, but her real love is retrieving. Cassie often will bring her favorite toys (a large Jolly Ball, or a Kong Wubba) to us to play. She enjoys riding in the car and swimming. Cassie has never met a person she didn't like. She's made friends across our neighborhood and has even developed a treat stop on her walks. Like a lot of Labs Cassie is bright and inventive.Cassie also enjoys food and treats.  Labs can be chow-hounds so we have to watch her calorie in-take. Cassie is an English-style Lab.
















Cassie's registered name is Mercurys Devoted Cassiopeia. Cassiopeia is a large yellow-orange star visable in the constellation of the same name . Since Cassie is a yellow Lab we felt the name was fitting. Our Cassie is also named after her parents Give Chase to Mercury and Devoted Vesta.












Cassie at three weeks old

Cassie tries out her first pool at fourteen weeks.

The stars of Cassiopeia as seen by the Spitzer Space Telescope.



Sirius was actually Mo's first dog. After making plans to purchase a puppy Mo and Mandi scanned the internet looking for a reputable breeder that offered quality puppies at a competive price. Sirius wasn't born yet when Mandi sent an e-mail to a breeder about possibly purchasing a puppy.  She liked what she heard and passed information along to Mo. A decision was made to place a deposit on a puppy from the breeder's next litter.


Shortly after the pups were born, in Feburary of 2012, the breeder contact Mo and Mandi asking which pup they would be interested in. Mo explained  this would be his first puppy and was looking forsomeone that was "a little mellow." The breeder knew her pups and recommended Puppy Number Four. Number Four was purchaed as a hunting companion for Mo and his name was soon changed to Sirius.

















Sirius is a high energy hunter. An American-style Lab, Sirius is always set on go. He loves to run, and will chase Cassie around the yard endlessly. Sirius is also a lover. He likes to cuddle and has, for as long as anyone can remember, loved sitting on feet. He is a very outgoing, patient and empathetic pup. You can always count on Sirius being the first "person" to great you after a long day at work.He enjoys car-rides and chew toys-especially squeaky ducks.Sirius has an amazingly shiny and beautiful coat. He is always recieving compliments.





















Mo wanted a hunting companion. He knew Sirius was famed mythological hunter Orion's dog. Sirius is the brightest viable star in the sky, and is called the "dog-star."  The name fit and Puppy Number Four became our Sirius. We also think Sirius is a fitting name for our fur-baby as he's Sirius-ly amazing. Another nifty fact about Sirius is many Harry Potter fans ask us if he is named after Sirius Black.Sirius Black could transform into a a black dog and was often seen as very protective of Harry and his friends. Our Sirius' registered name is Orion's Bright Sirius.













Sirius at five weeks old.

Sirius tries out his first pool while still at the breeder . He's around seven weeks old here.

Image of the star Sirius taken by a professional photographer.

English Lab or American Lab? It's all Greek to me!me.

You might hear someone say, "My dog is an English Lab."  What does that mean anyway?


The American Kennel Club recognizes one breed of Labrador Retriever. Unlike many other breeds American (Field) and English (Conformation) Labs are all under the one umbrella.The AKC sets one breed standard.


So what are differences? American Labs tend to be leaner and taller. Their noses and legs tend to be longer. English Labs are stocker in build and tend to have "Block" or Wider heads. Englsih Labs are often credited with being mellow and less high strung. While American Labs are seen as being more active and possesing more drive.


Our Cassie is from Conformation Lines an is an English Lab. While our Sirius is from Field Lines and is considered an American Lab.


Regardless, both American and English Labs need plenty of exercise and stimulation. English and American dogs both meet the breed standard and make excellent hunters and compantions.


So, we guess you could say a Constellation Canine brings both to the table.


Sirius and Cassie playing with their Jolly Ball.

Speak! (to us.)

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