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Constellation Canines' Stellar Puppies

Constellation Cam See Our Puppies In Real Time
  • Socialization

Our dogs are like family. We believe in early socialization. No responsible pet owner wants a dog that's upset by everyday events-like dishwashers and vaccums. Our puppies are handled by people shortly after birth. We spend time with each puppy getting to know their personality. By the time your new family member is ready to come home he or she will have experinced multiple surfaces-wood, concrete, earth, tile, and grass. We'll introduce your puppy to crate-traning and water. All our puppies get plenty of love and play-time.


  • Health

Your Puppy comes from a line of Labs who have been tested and certified for various health issues that effect Labrador Retrievers. Our Cassie and Sirius are both clear through parentage for Exercise Induced Collapse and Centrocuclear Myopathy. Labs can also display hip and elbow dysplasia. Cassie and Sirius both come from parents with OFA ratings of Fair or better. We are pursuing Orthopedic Foundation for Animals ratings. Our dogs are regualry veted. They receive all recomended vaccinations, and take monthly pest preventives. Your pup will come home with a 24 month health guarntee.


  • Written Contract

We belive so much in our puppies and their parents that we provide each buyer with a written contract. Your contract will spell out clearly the price of your new family member, your pups identity, our responsibilties and yours.


  • A Blueprint for Success

When you pick-up your pup we will provide you with our Blueprint for Success handbook. Inside you'll find your puppy's health records, basic instructions for feeding and grooming, and a check-lists for new families. Your puppy comes home with a  bag of food to avoid any dietary distress. We also provide a harness and leash so your puppy can safely go on his or her first outings. We enroll each of the puppies in a national recovery database because in the unlikely event of your new friend's disapperance we want to assure and ensure we do everything to find him or her. We are avaliable before and after your pup comes home to answer questions, or deal with concerns.


Why should I pick a Constellation Puppy?

The Knitty-Gritty!

Our Hard and Fast Rules:

Purchasing a Constellation Canine's puppy is a commitment! We will not for any reasons sell or make available any puppies to pet shops, online puppy distributors, or medical facilities. Our puppies cannot be purchased at any retail venue or market. We have the right to refuse sale of a puppy to any buyer who at anytime appears suspcious. A refund of any monies less the deposit will be made to the suspcious buyer.


We Are Going to Talk to You:

If you would like to make one of our puppies your newest family member we're honored! We will speak to you before approving a deposit on any of our puppies. These little guys are dependant upon you and us for a happy life. We'll both have plenty of questions for each other.



Our puppies are AKC Registered. When they come home with you they will be fully vetted. We spend time and effort to socialize our little furry friends so that they are the best possible pups for you. Our puppies are priced at $750.00 each. Prior to purchasing a puppy we ask all intrested new pet-parents to contact us to make sure a Constellation Canine is good fit for your family. After both parties are satisfied we ask that a $300.00 deposit is made to hold your puppy. The remaining $400.00 is due upon or before picking-up your newest family member.


What Does My New Puppy Come Home With:

First puppy vaccinationation which includes: canine distemper, infectious hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus infection. We also deworm your puppy. A microchip and registration in a national database. A Constellation Puppy Guide-Our Blueprint for Success. This guide includes, feeding, grooming, exercise, traning,emergency, and socialization tips. Also inside you'll find the pedigree of your puppy, medical records, and Lab hints and tricks. One bag of Iams Large Breed Puppy Food. A puppy harness,and leash. We'll also provide a personalized name tag if you tell us your puppy's name. Your Puppy's toy of choice. Cloth with litter scent. A  24 month health guarantee. American Kennel Club Registration. A clear written bill of sale for your puppy. And our promise to always take a Constellation Canine Puppy back into our home for any reason.


More Fine Print:


Due to a puppy's developing immune system we do not allow any new pet parents to visit their puppy until the litter has reached 6 weeks of age. If you would like to visit your puppy please understand that you will be asked to wash and sanatize your hands multiple times, as well as wear protective shoe coverings. Visits will be completly supervised and you will not be allowed to leave with your puppy until he or she has reached eight weeks of age. Visits are limited to a few family members and must be scheduled with Mandi or Mo at least forty-eight hours in advance.



We will allow your puppy to remain with us until he or she reaches ten weeks of age. Any puppy remaining with Constellation Canine's after 10 weeks of age will be subject to a daily boarding fee of $24.00. Puppies left for twelve weeks or longer will be subject to resale. The former buyer forfits all monies.


Waiting List

Due to demand we have developed a waiting list for our yet-to-be-born puppies. As we cannot predict the exact number or health of the puppies at birth we ask that anyone intrested in joining the list contact us directly. A $250.00 deposit is made at the time of joining the list. In the event a puppy is not avaliable we will refund your deposit. In the event that a puppy is available you will be sent a birth announcement!




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